5 Fashionable Women's Eyewear Trends You'll Love This Summer

Tue, May 10th, 2022

Over the centuries eyeglasses have evolved from a mere object for vision correction to a fashionable accessory to express a woman's fashion sense and individuality. Glasses now come in seemingly infinite styles and colors, speak to who you are, and can be as defining as your outfit choices. 

We often forget how fortunate we are to be living in today's time, having been spared the struggle our ancestors faced with eyewear. The eyeglass evolution now allows an individual needing vision correction to choose from virtually all lens types, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. 

But with this abundance of choice the predicament we now find ourselves in is the overwhelming feeling of shopping for new glasses with too many designs to choose from. Due to their inevitable entrance into the fashion world, glasses trends now change as quickly as seasonal clothing. 

So, how then do we as women select new glasses with so many options and ever-changing fashion trends? 

In most cases, a great place to start is by doing some homework on what's trending and familiarizing yourself with what frames pair best with your defining features—but today is your lucky day, ladies.

Hubble's taken the time to do the homework on your behalf—compiling a list of 5 must-have glasses for Summer, so you don't have to miss a beat. 


This Summer's Trending Eyewear for Women

Our eyes are the focal point of our faces, and so, in turn, our eyewear choice tells the story of who we are to everyone we meet. 

Women's eyeglass trends for 2022 circle around bold and unique trends that both express who you are and make a statement. 

Hubble's checked the runways, fashion magazines, and got the latest scoop on designer wear to assemble a list of the 5 most sought-after glasses this Summer. 

Without further ado, let's jump right into what you've been waiting for, fashionable glasses.

1. Bold and Bright Glasses

Pairing vibrant colors with stand-out frames makes your eyes the center of attention. So, whether you're looking to add some pop to a more minimal look or searching for that last finishing touch of WOW to your already statement outfit, these frames won't disappoint. 

Hubble's Renee Frames in Mars Crystal with Eclipse Brow is a bold color choice that'll add flair to even the simplest of looks. The subtle black brow and temples add flair and attitude to these vibrant red frames. The Renees are a medium frame and work well on oval and circular face shapes. 

Hubble's Renee Glasses


If you're looking for a more retro look that pairs well with square, heart, and diamond face shapes, you'll love Hubble's Deco glasses in Matte Teal Tortoise. These eyeglasses are bold, quirky, and fun and come in a narrow/medium frame. In addition, Deco glasses work well all by themselves—no fashion-forward accessories are needed here. 

Hubble's Deco Glasses


Now, if you are in the market for eyewear that'll leave everyone talking, you'll want to look no further than Hubble's Millie in Lilac Crystal. Millie is as bold in color as it is in shape, setting you well above the typical standard eyewear fashion. In addition, Millie is a medium frame and is a perfect fit for just about any face shape. So this Summer, get ready to be the center of attention with Hubble's Millie frames. 

Hubble's Millie Glasses


2. Cat-Eye Glasses Never Die

Year after year, Cat-Eye glasses are a style favorite for women. It's not hard to see why. These glasses add flair and class to any look with tilted angles and upraised browlines. So, whether you're looking for a minimal, sophisticated look or that "It" piece to spice up any look, Cat-Eye frames won't let you down. 

Hubble's Monique in Gold Steel is the perfect Cat-Eye for the on-the-go fashionable businesswoman. The minimal gold steel frame and temple pair beautifully with the angular mink pull of the Cat-Eye, and to top it off, these glasses add subtle hint of sophistication with their tortoise temple tips. Monique is a medium frame that sensationally fits square, heart, and diamond faces. 

Hubble's Monique Glasses


Another trend sweeping through 2022 is two-toned glasses—combine this design with a Cat-Eye frame, and you've got yourself this year's statement piece. Hubble's Roz in Sorrel Crystal with Lilac Horizon demonstrates the exceptional beauty of two-toned eyeglasses. Roz is a medium frame ideal for a rectangular/oval face shape.

Hubble's Roz Glasses


For all the circular face-shaped beauties out there, we haven't forgotten about you. Hubble's Lena in Mink Crystal with Aurora Tortoise pairs elegance and class with a tortoise temple—making your Cat-Eye look your most fabulous accent piece yet. Lena is a wide frame and offers a slim frame to complement your eyes marvelously. 

Hubble's Lena Glasses


3. Tortoise Glasses are Always a Win

The Tortoise eyewear trend has been hanging around and doesn't appear to have an exit date scheduled. In 2022, Tortoise glasses are throwing in a fitting fashion trend twist with a colorful expansion of styles. The beauty of tortoise frames is just how versatile and fun these glasses can be—there's no outfit choice or trending look that isn't instantly complemented by tortoise glasses. 

Hubble's Raylon in Midnight Blue with Crystal Galactic Tortoise is the ideal blend of fierce color with a burst of tortoise. The vibrant blue embedded throughout these frames will make any eye color pop. In addition, Raylon is a wide frame ideal for an oval/rectangular face shape. 

Hubble's Raylon Glasses


If you're in search of tortoise glasses that are as adorable as they are classy, you'll adore Hubble's Michel in Ash Blue with Tortoise Fade. These glasses mix two-tone, pastels, and tortoise in one sleek frame design. Michel is a wide frame that is perfect for circular face shapes. 

Hubble's Michel Glasses


Don't worry; we've thrown in a classic tortoise frame design onto our list as well for all the vintage-loving ladies. Hubble's Fletcher in Banana with Tortoise Crystal is the perfect go-to tortoise glasses. You can dress these glasses up or down to match every aspect of your fashion. Fletcher is a narrow frame best suited for diamond, heart, and square face shapes. 

Hubble's Fletcher Glasses


4. Clean and Clear Pastel Glasses

Translucent frames have been making quite the splash these past few years and have quickly become a fan favorite. These glasses allow your eyes to do all the talking while still delivering on their fashionable appeal. Pastel eyewear tones started to make their appearance last year and have since evolved as a statement piece signifying calm, comfort, and tranquility. In 2022 these clear and clear looks are like none other by pairing a translucent frame with quirky new colors and designs. 

Hubble's Dali in Mars Crystal Tortoise is an iconic mix of fiery color, tortoise accent, and translucent crystal. The subtle black and red crystal temples add just the right amount of vibrance to these spectacular red frames. Dali is a medium frame ideal for rectangular/oval face shapes. 

Hubble's Dali Glasses


Looking for a twist to a traditional crystal eyeglass design? Well, you've found it with Hubble's Ophelia in Crystal Blush. These glasses offer a classic crystal pastel with Cat-Eye's bonus stand-out design. Never have your glasses go unnoticed again when you throw on Hubble's Ophelia frames. The Ophelias are a narrow frame that complements a circular face shape best. 

Hubble's Ophelia Glasses


Just looking for standard clear glasses without all the drama? Not to worry, Hubble's got the ideal pair for you too. Hubble's Astrid in Champagne Crystal will drown out all the fuss and noise and let your eyes be the focal point. Astrid is a medium frame perfect for diamond, heart, and square face shapes. 

Hubble's Astrid Glasses


5. Aviator Eyeglasses Are Here to Stay

We've all seen family members proudly rocking Aviators time and time again, and for a good reason, they're legendary. Now, of course, we can't just bring a fashion staple back without a subtle upgrade, now can we? So in 2022, Aviators are getting an oversized, more dramatic look. This fashion trend has swept through every season, landing perfectly in Summer, giving you that "WOW" look at every backyard soiree. 

Hubble's Bishop in Gold Steel obtains the traditional Aviator style with an oversized two-tone effect. These frames couple a minimal steel design with dark tortoise temple tips. Bishop is a medium/wide frame that works well with circular face shapes and rectangular/oval shapes. You'll bring out the vintage hipster side of you every time you throw on Bishop frames. 

Hubble's Bishop Glasses


An Aviator that's bound to turn heads is Hubble's Gigi in Blush with Silver Steel. These Aviators combine neon pink frames and a minimal silver steel design with black temple tips. Gigi is a wide frame ideal for heart, diamond, and square faces and will make you the star of every event. 

Hubble's Gigi Glasses


The oversized Aviator trend comes alive with Hubble's Crosby in Blush with Gold Steel. These glasses are fun, sleek, and classy, all in one bold design. The mixture of blush pink with gold steel is picturesque as it is, but these frames take it one step further with blush tortoise temple tips to achieve a truly fashion-forward look. 

Hubble's Crosby Glasses


Why Choose Hubble?

Now isn't this the million-dollar question? When you're shopping for that ideal eyewear trend, the last thing you want to worry about is the company you're ordering from and being price gauged for a medical device. Hubble's here to lay your concerns to rest. 

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After years of providing affordable contacts to millions of people, we wanted to offer a better alternative for glasses wearers.

We've developed durable, impact-resistant frames at competitive rates. Not only do we design and build many of our glasses in-house, but we've also expanded our collection by sourcing outstanding eyewear from top-level manufacturers. As a result, contemporary looks combined with our expertise in efficiency and economical costs mean you get the best of both worlds.

And to top it off, we've sourced high-quality lenses that will stand up to wear and tear while giving you the sharpness and clarity of vision you need.

Our standard polycarbonate lenses are light, built to last, and impact-resistant, giving you the maximum use of each pair. All our glasses are thoughtfully sourced from a family-owned, top-level US-based company.

Finding affordable and stylish eyewear just got a little bit easier!

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